The idea for The Cave came because of the many hours spent in the basement, aka: The Mancave. Pastime numero uno in the mancave consisted of analyzing skate movies and perfecting setups. The many hours in that cave being the biggest cause, my friends and family started calling me The Caveman

When I wanted new board material I had to spend hours driving and I noticed this problem really lived in the Belgian community. The idea of a shop therefore came as no surprise. After long doubt and the decisive push from my sister, I decided to create The cave.
The cave is a shop close to the community and offers a selection of products as complete as possible. A shop for riders from riders.
Secure Payments
Safety and security is one of our main priorities. That is why we only receive payments through the secured and approved methods.
Free shipping
Since being a boarder isn't cheap, we strive to make our service as good as can be. Have an order bigger than €100? We ship it for free!
Top warranty
Service is everything. We follow strict EU warranty policies to ensure you can buy your items without worry and deliver the best service that can be.