Robbe Van Haverbeke

My name is Robbe, 17 years old, 3 of which have been the best of my life.

Skating has given me a family, uncompromised freedom and a way of constantly finding and pushing the limits of me and my body. I prefer skating no pawns down but just charging and going fast is what I like.

The Cave is much more than a sponsor for me. By now, I see it as a family, as place where I and all skaters can come and feel at home. Alternate Skate, which is media group I’m a part of, also gives me this freedom. We try to push the belgium downhill scene.

Skating allows me to fully push myself and constantly improve. It has become an integral part of me and my life. .

I'm not only riding for this amazing shop but also for a few brands that I can't thank enough for the opportunities they offer me. Big up: Olson & Hekmati wheels and Valhalla Skateboard.


Hail skatan.

Rene Joye

I'm 14 and I've been skating for 3 years now. These years have been the best of my life so far. Skating down hills is what I love most, freeriding or going as fast as possible. Big roads are what I like.

The Cave team and the homies I skate with became family pretty quick. Marco is not only my sponsor but also a great friend.

I enjoy skating so much because of the places it takes me, the people I meet and the amazing feeling of blasting down a hill.


Reneete Renaate

Floris Floris

My first expirence on a longboard began at the age of 18. I needed to get somewhere around the city but my bike broke down and my skatedeck was snapped. So I mounted the skatetrucks on a skimboard that I once laminate and started pushing. During following years It evolved in making my own longboards, wich I love to skate to the fullest.  Some call my skating style agressive but in my head I am more zen then the Dalai Lama himself . Well kids this is how I met Marco, I was recovering from a nasty ski accident and was rolling around  the wallonhillcamping side . There he was with his monster moustache... He handed me over his rifle and we shot some beercans and I joined the team.

De Graaf Neal

Hello there i’m Neal Thanks for reading up on the background of the skaters behind The Cave. I started skating downhill about 5 years ago, by going to a local spot i had the chance to meet some people that untill today are still by my side whatever happens. They are all brutha’s from otha motha’s. And one of them opened up a shop so here i am spreading the word. I skate for fun not for competition, it frees my mind and takes me places and let’s me meet people from all around the world, besides skating hills i also amuse myself in the halfpipe when it’s wet outside or nobody want’s to hit the gnarly walifornian hills. On the side, i also like to go sailing, walking in the forest or just exploring where i’m at

Emile Van Rijsselberge

Been skating down hills and in the streets since 2012. Spent most of my time on a board with the Vantweis homies. I like skating fast, narrow, twitchy roads. Bikes and cars are what I'll be around when I'm not skating, or hanging out at The Cave Bongloardshop!

Chilling with the caveman will always make for good laughs. When I got to know Marco he had just started out skating down hills after being a male model for the best part of his life. And a couple years later he opens the first core downhill skateboard shop in Belgium and probably Europe, who would've thought that! So thanks Marco for being a great bromo and putting me on the team!

Also want to give a big shoutout to Xavier/Wallonhill (best freeride ever), I wouldn't be the skater I am today without these events.


je kapoen,

Belgian Champion Downhill Skateboarding 2015/2016


ps: Cédric I love you so much

William Seynaeve

 Born in Belgium on June 26, 1989. Up until the age of 10, I lived a seemingly usual life in Belgium. But swiftly my life took a change. At the age of 10 I moved to a little surfers town in South America, Uruguay. As a kid I adapted really fast to my new way of living. Around the age of 14 I started skating/longboarding. Back then little was known about the sport. Nevertheless I found my way with local skaters and in short time I got addicted to the act of rolling at high speeds . The pursuit of my passion was the key to a life changing experience. Looking back to East Crew, Godlike Downhill, Blutcher Longboards Club, Lrxb Collective, Vatos Narvalos, Team Drang and most recently Team cave and all those amazing and talented persons who have been walking this journey with me!! I am grateful to have skated with all single one of you. Today I am glad to be representing The Cave for its value for the sport and proud to skate with this solid team. being ambassador of Wallonhilll freeride, photographer/camera man in Lrbxmedia, riding for Drang skateboards contribute to this adventure. Even though I am growing older, continuously being surrounded by people sharing the same passion and values inspire me to keep on going. Facing new challenges, longing for endless roads, new turns, new lines, finding the right flow, from each road, all around the world. Living a skatelife journey, every single day. Shout out to all the amazing friends I made along the way!

Mi casa es tu casa! See you on the hill!

Jordy Cattoir

Hi I'm Jordy,
a 23 year old guy from Belgium.
I started skateboarding 3 years ago and fell in love with the sport/scene from the first moment.
It makes me happy to be a member of the Cave crew and I'm happy with all the friendship I get from a lot of people in the scene.
Beside The Cave as a sponsor I'm also sponsored by Chunder Cult Skateboards , a small Belgian boardbrand run by two brothers.

See you on the hill. 

X Joindri

Larock Robbie

Hi, my name is Robbie. I’m 24 years old, currently  living in Ghent and totally hyped about downhill skateboarding. The combo of speed and fam surrounded by nature, gets me high as F.

I’ve been skateboarding throughout  my whole life, but never with the love and intensity that I’ve been doing it with the last 4 years. This due to the places I’ve been and people that I met and got to know cause to the lifestyle that comes along with this sport. T

I got introduced to the sport by my buddy Bregt in College witch I now run an organisation with together with 3 other friends. We go by the name of  Eat Concrete (STAY TUNED ON SOCIAL MEDIA), the Belgian Championship of Downhill Skateboarding. An event that is a reflection off ourselves, the lifestyle and  everything  that we think that comes along with it.  This opened many doors within the sport and scene which allowed me to fully develop myself in it.

One of those doors was and still is The Cave. As Marco trusted me when he opened his shop, so did I in him and the shop. He helped me putting out contacts, offered me a place to learn and develop but most of all he helped me out to expand my vision and to go out there and explore, which I’m still truly grateful for. Almost 2 years later and the shop has a one of the most powerful and creative teams in Europe where no event is safe from.  The Cave is not only the 1 and only longboardshop in Belgium or a cool hangout spot for friends but as well a place to feel enriched  when you walk out of it.

So there’s NO reason why you shouldn’t go visit this Moustache.

Ps: If the small talk didn’t hit you my setup will (which are all available at the shop):
Sector 9 Carbon Flight X Skoa Vapors X RAD Max Ballesteros

Representing these days: @eat_concretebk X @thecave_longboard_shop X @sector9europe X @radesigneurope X @onemovement X @campwoodwings

                                                               // THE CAVE WORLDWIDE//

Jooz Hughes

Arjan Koek

Hi my name is koek i am 37 years old and i have been playing skateboard for about 27 years. I like to skate everything but my main love is downhill. I am from the netherlands witch is probably the flattest country on earth. So i can't always go downhill. Thats why i also skate street, park, long distance, and a bit of freestyle/dancing. My first real downhill event was in 2011 the curesekcup in slovenia. It's al been going downhill from there.

I F*#king love riding for the cave. core shop run by a true skater who realy loves the scene and skates hard. and who i also regard as a good friend.


fun fact ;) i sold mr Cave Man his first board <3


shout out to my glove and puck sponsor Crash Test Dummies